THIS match was about a push for silverware and a revenge mission.

Perhaps as well as seeking revenge, Warrington should thank Bradford for kick-starting their season.

Plenty of Warrington fans were queuing up early to to get in, making me wonder how many of them thought it was a 3pm kick-off.

t was certainly a good turn out from Warrington fans, it’s a shame the same can't be said of the home support.

With such versatility among the squad, choosing the team at the moment must be far from straightforward for Tony Smith.

This time he got all three of Bridge, Myler and Ratchford into the starting line-up by essentially giving Ratchford a free role whilst nominally calling him the loose forward for the day.

For a while the game had a similar feel to the league game there a few weeks ago, the game being played at a slow pace that helped Bradford to keep it close and prevented Warrington from taking charge.

Lightening never really looked likely to strike twice though, as Warrington gradually asserted their dominance.

Warrington needed a few chances before getting on the scoresheet, it was Myler who jinked over for the opening try.

Bradford did hit back with a try of their own, but a stroll over for Atkins followed by Russell wriggling over in trademark fashion stretched the lead to 14 points at half time.

At the start of the second half, Warrington were able to speed the game up. Gaps were appearing down the middle and exposed by short passes and good support play.

Bradford scrambled reasonably well to prevent too many tries being scored down the middle, but that in turn left gaps out wide, leading to two tries for Joel Monaghan and one for Ormsby, Myler continued his impressive comeback from injury with a second try and Currie rounded off the scoring.

The lines between the positions that players play might be getting blurry, but putting a group of good rugby league players with exceptional spirit together and allowing them the freedom to play is one of many ways of producing and outstanding team.

For the fifth time in six years, Warrington have reached the semi-final of the Challenge Cup, their 'Cup Kings' identity is still clear, more importantly they really seem to have found the identity of the 2014 version of the Wire.