MEMBERS exploring our river fisheries have been pleasantly surprised by their natural and wild state.

As a club, with the exception of the Mersey, we have always left these waters to evolve as nature intended which I think makes a fishing trip special.

Some of my red-letter days have come about by first of all selecting an interesting and likely looking swim, making a way to the water’s edge through the undergrowth, and finally waiting with anticipation for the stick-float to dip under as it trots downstream. Then it’s game on.

Martin Lenihan won our Sunday Mersey Match with a combination of ground-bait feeder and pole-caught roach amounting to 4lbs 11ozs 0drs.

Ant Higham was in the runner-up spot with a similar all-roach catch taken on ground-bait feeder and maggot for 4-5-0.

As sport slows at this time of year, it is worth visiting the Houghs Bridge area of the Bridgewater Canal where quality roach and perch to 2lbs were reported this week.

Pinkie brings on the smaller fish but persevere with caster and, like regular contributor Mike Pritchard, you could be in line for that perch of a lifetime.

During Mike’s short session this week he also managed to ‘catch’ a pike of around 7lbs.

It was not a catch in the truest sense of the word as this predator became over enthusiastic in attacking his keepnet and its teeth became tangled in the small mesh.

Mike released it a good few pegs away, where other pike were striking a small roach.

On the same length of canal, weights were halved from the previous week’s Disabled and Over 60s match that had taken place on the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Alan Brown moved up a place to take a win with 5-12-15 of small roach on pinkie and bread.

George Hollis was second with 3-10-14.

All the weights came from among the trees, with anyone outside of those pegs finding the going really tough.

Next week’s match is on Tuesday, rather than Boxing Day, on the Trent and Mersey at School Road.

WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street is open on Fridays between 7pm and 8.30pm for new memberships, subscriptions, night permit renewals, and any queries.

Email catch details to or give me a call on 01928 716238.


Sunday Mersey Series: 1, Martin Lenihan 4-11-0; 2, Ant Higham 4-5-0; 3, Roy Everson 3-15-4; 4, Jimmy Byrnes 3-15-4.

Disabled and Over 60s (Bridgewater Canal): 1, Alan Brown 5-12-15; 2, George Hollis 3-10-14; 3, Jimmy Byrnes 3-3-6; 4, Geoff Brooks 2-14-4.


Monday: Boxing Day Special, Mersey Series: Draw 10am at Kingsway Allotments.

Tuesday: Disabled and Over 60s match, Trent and Mersey Canal: Draw 10am at School Road.