FANS have been giving their reactions to the news that head of coaching and rugby Tony Smith will leave Warrington Wolves at the end of the season.

From Facebook, Warrington Wolves-Warrington Guardian page:

Pete C-burton: i think it shocking one bad season and he is gone..i think most warrington fans forget how far he as brought the club

David William Taylor: He's been a great coach and turned the club around, but definately time to move on. All the best to him and i hope he finds a new club Quickly

Keith Michael Forsyth: A top coach who probably stayed a little to long and it all went stale. Tony deserves a massive thank you though for all the success and he'll undoubtedly leave big shoes to fill. He took us from also rans to genuine challengers for honours and for that I am grateful. 
Good luck to him in the future and let's hope he doesn't bite us on the backside in a future major final as coach of the opposition!

Stuart John Wilson: Not sure if this is right or not, one bad season doesn't make you a bad coach, but I feel he has lost the dressing room and his player purchases of late have been very poor. But hey after watching warrington for 50 odd years I cannot remember a more happy 8 years thanks for the memories Tony

Steve Browning: Warrington and tony showing some class !!
Tony must of known he was going 2 weeks ago waiting till we were safe!!
Onwards and upwards

Mark Dyson: Just dont give the job to agar

John Knox: I wish Tony all the best. He has transformed the side. However, its time for a change.

Mark Stubbings: Thanks for everything you've done at the Wire. Good times at Wembley, League Leaders shields and so close at Old Trafford. Good luck for the Future Tony.

From Facebook, Warrington Guardian page:

John Prout: The team lost a lot of quality players all at once, and it's going to take time to build, he was the person to do that given time, god knows who will try and replace him, they will get a poison chalice

Paul Hackwell: I can't help think that this season wasn't just down to TS. One crap year, just like Leeds last year but they kept their coach and now look where they are again. Difficult call. Wires Wolves focus needs to be in players signings and not coach signing. But then again maybe a new coach will attract new players. TS has been the best this club could ever have wished and has done more for this club more than any other has and probably any other will do.

Sonia Clarke: I'm grateful for all he's done and wish him all the best for the future

edward Metcalfe: Given Wolves best History in his spell at Club and treated like dirt with one poor Season.Blackburn Rovers did same a few years ago and look at them now.Karma you Wolves Fans.

Robbie Ryan: Whilst I do think it's time for him to go. I also think he deserves respect as probably Warrington most successful coach in history. I doubt we'll get a coach of his quality until Bries is ready to step up

Andy Brindley: i dont think smith should go 1 bad season with him in charge ppfffttt and what.. yes warrington need a shake up but smith out is not the answer,,, i wish him all the best for his future and our next coach will have big shoes to fill.... and on a final note i think the board should listen to fans and get agar out!!!!! amd do a big send off at our final game for peta and tony

Mike Gallop: Cant believe that Tony has been treated like this by the club absolutely disgraceful for the service and ambition he has put in to his job its the lazy sloths that have not performed for us this season but their going too this year so good riddance to them .

John Knox: Should go with immediate effect

Andrew Daniels: Hope he stays in the sport to good a coach to leave super league

John Prout: Bad decision that is, I hope he gets another superleague team, and does well.

Lee Van Dusen: Should of left after the grand final last year

Matt Titchen: Nobody wants to play for him ! Move him upstairs not out the doo