JOHN Nicholls’ sights are set on shooting to a clean sweep of the major trophies.

The Stockton Heath shot-putter, who is buoyant from his silverware double in European and world championship over 50s events this year, feels invigorated by his success.

And the 52-year-old Carlsberg employee has revealed how a little joke with his wife Tracey a decade ago has now become a real target.

He said: “When I won my first European indoor title about 10 years ago my wife said ‘are you happy now?’ I said no, I want global domination – as a joke.

“It turns out I do, because all I can think about now is that I’ve got the world indoor, the European outdoor, I’ve got the British records indoor and outdoors, so if I can get the European indoor and the world outdoor it’s a grand slam.

“That tells you where my head is.”

Nicholls replicated similar outdoor glories of 2014 and 2010 when his fourth throw of six trumped German rivals in the European Championships in Aarhus, Denmark, on July 29.

He threw 17cm further than when becoming a world champion for the first time in Daegu, Korea, four months earlier.

At that point, with a dream achieved and a troubling long-term injury, he was not sure about the direction he would take next.

But a loss in form while featuring for his club Sale Harriers reminded him how much he still cared for achieving in the sport.

A few changes and a fresh eight-week training programme proved their worth when he captured European glory in Aarhus and now leaves him licking his lips for more.

“Dare to dream sometimes,” he said.

“On paper the next one is the European indoors in Madrid next year.

“I’ve won it four times and you can argue it’s my most successful one and I’ve thrown really well at it.

“The world outdoors are in Malaga next year and that is the only title I’ve never won.

“Like most things, it’ll come down to finance.

“If I have to pick one, I’d ditch the European indoors for the worlds because of the bid to have held every global or continental title in masters athletics.

“It’s not a grand slam, as such, because I wouldn’t have them all at the same time, but that would be the one to do.”

He certainly revels in rising to a challenge and he knows that is what would be in store.

“It’ll be harder because I’ll be a year older, there’ll be a fresh batch of over 50s blokes coming in – all younger and fresher, and all wanting to knock me off my perch,” he said.

“The German that was third in Aarhus looked down at me, he’s about 6ft 8in, and said I’ll see you next year John when you won’t have it so easy.

“It’s nice being top of the pile, very nice indeed.

“I’ve got a couple more competitions this year but I can’t wait for winter training now to try some new things I’ve got in mind and see where I end up.

“But this year I wanted two titles and I’ve got them. It’s a tick.”