Ardent Wire fan Rob Watson gives his opinion on Easter Monday's victory over Huddersfield Giants.

THE most physically demanding period of the season is always unlikely to produce top performances.

After such a bad start to the season, Wire are going to be desperate for wins for a long while yet, so this weekend two ugly wins are better than one pretty one.

For a fleeting moment or two, it looked like this match might just be one of those where Wire could get on top of an average side early on and produce a comfortable win. Instead, Huddersfield kept scoring often enough to keep the game close and, as is worryingly so often the case, the longer the game stayed close the worse Wire’s performance became.

Harvey Livett looked more comfortable playing at centre than he has coming off the bench into a half-back role and it was him who scored an early try from close range to open the scoring.

That try was one of an all too rare smooth handling move. Their next try came when a scrappy off load from Sims hit the floor around the half way line, but Clark responded brilliantly to the bouncing ball and after exchanging passes with Gidley he found his way over the line.

Gidley scored a try of his own from close range, giving Wire a 16-12 lead at half time.

Huddersfield kept coming back with tries of their own every time Wire did score, so much so that they had a four-point lead going into the final fifteen minutes or so. Once again Wire scored when the play got scrappy, an offload near the Huddersfield try line triggered an unplanned handling move to the right and Evans was able to squeeze over in the corner.

That levelled the scores and a few minutes later when Wire went ahead after stubborn persistence with high floated kicks finally produced a positive result, as this time Patton’s kick was accurate and in the air for the right amount of time and just as importantly Toby King’s chase and challenge for the ball was equally good and resulted in him scoring the go-ahead try.

Wire’s six-point league never looked comfortable and it wasn’t really a surprise when Huddersfield scored a try in the last minute, the only saving grace was it was scored right in the corner, making the conversion as difficult as it could be.

Often it might not be clear just how much of an influence the crowd can have on the result, but in such a distinct moment as that it’s easy to think that the incredible noise from the Wire fans as Brough attempted to kick the game levelling kick played at least some part in his failure to do so.

It was just about an ugly a win as you can imagine, but earlier in the season I was asking for them to be able to find a way to win even if they’re not close to their best and in the last two games Wire have done just that.

It’s worrying that, without quick play the balls, Wire really struggle to create any problems for the opposition’s defence and that their attack still lacks cohesion and creativity, instead relying on strong individual runs with the ball.

Winning both games over the Easter weekend is always impressive and this year it was two games Wire had to win to kick start their season.