DESPITE making team changes, Tony Smith said Wolves’ performance against Castleford Tigers in a 48-10 win was still not at the levels sought in certain areas.

He felt the team had moved on from the loss against Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup semi final a week earlier, although some aspects of their play were repeated.

“We wanted improvement and we certainly got improvement,” said Wolves’ head of coaching and rugby.

“Some aspects of it we were still not completely happy with.

“We had to do way too much defence in the first half and conceded too many errors in our part of the field.

“We didn’t need to. We were making ground reasonably well and it was just some of the decisions.

“We like to go for it, we like to score points, we like to ask questions of our opponents, but sometimes you can do that by just having a bit more control and I just think we were a bit out of ‘wack’ still in the first half in particular.

“I think Castleford had 24 more plays than us in the first half and that’s significant. That’s a fair amount of ball and where the possession was as well was probably the more crucial part of it. I think they had 29 tackles in a row in and around our goal line. “You pay a price for that. And I think we paid a price in some of the quality in decisions at times because of that.

“So we need to improve that because that’s how we started the game again. Fortunately, this time we could go down the other end and score some points which meant we didn’t have the pressure of the scoreboard on this occasion.

“Last week we had to do all that defence and we had the pressure of the scoreboard because we weren’t scoring points.

“We’ve still got a bit to learn there, but there was some play as well.

“I thought our defence was pretty good. And what a tackle that was from Rhys Evans, not long before half time.

“We could have gone in 18-10 instead of 18-4 and special moments like that are great to see.”