ROY Astall only caught one fish at Grey Mist Mere on Wednesday but he was more than pleased because it was a fin perfect 17lbs mirror carp.

In a corner weedy swim he set up his old trusty fibreglass rod purchased from Argos some years ago for £14 and fed with a few maggots and sweetcorn.

His first fish, probably a tench, slipped the 14’s hook loaded with a single grain of corn tipped with a maggot but there was no mistaking what he hooked next.

The rod doubled over but he kept the pressure on not allowing it to get into the weed and it was soon in the net.

He told me he had changed his line before his trip and expected something like 10/12lbs, I was nonplussed when it was only 6lbs.

Sandiway Lakes with our ongoing stocking programme, different for both lakes, is an excellent venue for the present but most definitely a five-star venue for the future.

Both lakes are rewarding in their own way and set in stunning surroundings repay those that do their homework and put the time in.

Barry Powell has been targeting the popular smaller 17.5acre lake where he reports in three trips catching 48 fish.

They were not all carp but his best was an unblemished common of 18lbs backed up by several fish around 15lbs and plenty of smaller stockies that are packing on weight, plus quality tench and bream.

His best night result was 25 fish taken on his tried and tested method of firing in balls of Krill groundbait coupled with method mix and two 10mm boilies on the hook.

Eric Smith, who fishes this venue with his grandson Callum Postil and mate ‘Fishless Fletcher’, has been more than pleasantly surprised by the quality and potential of the roach fishing.

Red maggot fished in conjunction with a big block-end feeder coupled with an initial 20 balls of groundbait has been the method that is producing lots of plump roach averaging 8ozs. The trio have also caught bream and carp 8-10lb.

I had a trip to Statham Pool this past week where our volunteers have been hard at work improving pegs and access and it really is looking great.

They must have sweat some in this weather so many thanks guys. As I left Dave Poole was just setting up for an afternoon session hoping to target the resident carp.

He set up two rods fished over a bed of corn and mixed pellets varying the hook-baits but zilch for the first couple of hours.

However, come late afternoon and his swim was literally fizzing and boiling over with activity.

Dave ended up with a countless number of Bream to about 4lbs and a pretty decent sized eel. No carp, but a fun afternoon nevertheless.

Jim Gannon showed his mastery fishing the tip in this week’s Saturday Mersey Series for a decisive win with 13-2-0 which included to bream around the 5lbs mark plus small dace and chub.

Derek Bibby fishing on the pole was runner-up with 5lbs of small perch, dace, and chub. A groundbait-feeder approach also earned Jimmy Byrne a win in Sunday’s Tom James Open from new peg numbered 66a.

Fishing double maggot on the hook his all bream catch weighed in at 14-6-0 followed by match co-organiser Paul Harding using the same method with 9-12-0.

Any member fishing for whatever species has a primary duty of care their quarry, not so a pair fishing near Mersey Walk this week whose actions undoubtedly brought about the death on a decent sized pike.

This pair had no forceps in their possession and according to a witness their attempts at unhooking the fish saw them drop it a number of times. To compound matters they refused to show their WAA licence to another member.

Our Disabled and Over 60s match was fished at Stage Lane this week and saw the top two anglers draw on bream.

Match ace Jimmy Byrne put 13-14-6 on the scales and Geoff Brooks 11-14-10 to take second place.

There is a working party at Grey Mist Mere on Saturday clearing both weed from a number of pegs and the rubbish discarded by so called anglers. Early start but you are welcome whenever you arrive.

Ian Shepherd is planning a working party at High Legh Fishery to tidy up and improve this fishery. If you are interested you can email him direct at Please keep those catch reports coming in as they are invaluable to this column and fellow members planning fishing trips. Either ring me on 01928 716238 or email HQ 52, Parker Street is open as usual between 7 & 9pm on Friday, for subscriptions, new memberships/night permits, or any queries.

Results: Mersey Saturday Sweepstake: 1, Jim Gannon 13-2-0; 2, Derek Bibby 5-0-0; 3, Jimmy Byrne 5-0-0; 4, Steve Oliver 4-0-0. Mersey Tom James Open (Sunday): 1, Jimmy Byrne 14-6-0; 2, Paul Harding 9-12-0; 3, Neil Davies 6-14-0; 4, Derek Bibby 6-3-4. Disabled and Over 60s: 1, Jimmy Byrne 13-14-6; 2, Geoff Brooks 11-14-10; 3, Derek Bibby 4-8-2; 4, Lenny Dutton 2-12-6. Junior Summer Series: 1, David Smith 1-14-8; 2, Charlie Forster 1-9-8; 3, Jake Braid 15-0. Minnows: 1, Ethan Chriscoli 5-10-12; 2, Harvey Ryan 13-5; 3, Jake Braid 10-2.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Mersey Sweep, draw 9am on the bank at the Kingsway North Allotments, contact Ray on 07790317714. Sunday: Mersey Series, draw 9am near allotments Victoria Park, fish 11 up. Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, draw 10am, Star Inn. Contact John Dagnall 01925 635486. Inters/Juniors Summer Series, draw 6pm, contact Helen Dagnall 01925 635486. Tuesday: Minnows Summer Series, Bridgewater Canal, draw 6pm opposite Euclid Avenue. Contact Helen Dagnall.