THE sun dipped down below the stand just in time for kick-off, it turned out there were a few things about to happen that we would've rather not been able to see.

Right from the start it never looked likely that Wire were going to blow Widnes away, the trademark quick play-the-balls and lots of ground gaining runs down the middle weren't happening.

Despite that Wire got close to the line, but Widnes defended with impressive desire and desperation to prevent three or four tries.

The difference in the first half being that Widnes turned their pressure into 16 points, where as Wire couldn't get on the scoreboard at all.

Twice Wire's defence out wide was exposed just enough to allow wingers to squeeze over in the corner.

In between those two tries came one of many controversial moments, the officials judging that there hadn't been a knock on in the build up to Widnes' second try.

Wire did start the second half showing a bit more intent to drive down the middle and earn those quick play-the-balls, but it was still Widnes who scored the first try of the half and when a penalty goal soon followed the lead was up to 24 points.

Seemingly undeterred by the growing lead, Warrington continued to battle away and the game speeding up helped get them back in it and cause many jitters amongst the Widnes fans and players.

Atkins scored a try out of nothing from a scrum, on the next set O'Brien made a break that led to Chris Bridge making it two tries in three minutes.

Another dubious try took the sting out of the comeback but Wire continued to attack and Ratchford was harshly denied a try, while Currie did have his try allowed.

Ultimately the fightback came up short, the spirit was still very much in evidence, supporting each other after a mistake and to keep going right to the end.

So if they were a character from the Wizard of Oz, they wouldn't be lacking heart like the Tin Man or courage like the Lion.

Maybe on this occasion they were the Scarecrow lacking a little in the brain department, thinking they could go sideways before they could go forwards and could get away without playing at full speed in attack.