THE Saturday Mersey Sweepstake match winner was Jim Gannon, who included a superb bream of 7-12-0 in his 12-4-0 catch.

Runner-up was match-organiser Ray with 7-1-8. With feed going in regularly on Saturday and Sunday it will certainly only improve.

Lewis Turner was top rod in the popular Woodshaw Junior Series with 11lbs, just over 4lbs to spare over runner-up James Brown who weighed in 6-15-0, leading the series on 11 points.

Anyone visiting Appleton Reservoir must use our official locked car park. We have had this fishery nigh on 100 years without complaints and that is how it will remain. The same applies to locking gates or barriers.

Paul Hooker and uncle David Farthing enjoyed a great Saturday fishing at Rixton Claypits, they caught 46 tench and bream between them with the biggest around 4lbs.

Paul took 33, but considering his uncle is a dedicated sea angler he better watch out if he takes up the coarse fishing seriously.

On Wednesday, Chris Goodlad visited the new stretch of Budworth Mere we share with Northwich Anglers.

I warned him it was for only the keenest (and fittest) as it is quite a hike, possibly explaining why there was nobody else on the bank.

After a bite-less two hours the tip shot round signalling his first bream.

The next two hours were, to use his words, ‘like Ireland’, finishing up with a round dozen fish to 6lbs. I fancy Budworth will be seeing a lot more of him.

On our Mersey Sunday Series, Neil Buist, aka The Engine, had a head-to-head battle with Alan Morris on the next peg. He came out on top with the best winning weight of the year, 27-5-0, with Alan on 16-14-0.

Both featured bream along with perch and roach all caught on ground bait feeder tactics.

To submit catch reports contact 01928 716238 or HQ 52, Parker Street open 7 to 9pm Friday.

Results: Mersey Saturday Sweepstake: 1, Jim Gannon 12-4-0; 2, Ray Bowden 7-1-8; Paul Harding. 5-2-8. Mersey Sunday Series: 1, Neil Buist 27-5-0; 2, Alan Morris 16-14-0; 3, Martin Lenihan 12-6-0; 4, Eddie Frangleton 5-3-0. Woodshaw Junior Series: 1, Lewis Turner 11-0-0; 2, James Brown 6-15-0; 3, Dylan Anglesea 5-2-0; 4, Dane Rawlinson 4-13-0. Disabled and Over 60s: 1, Lenny Dutton 15-15-05; 2, Jimmy Byrne 6-7-0; 3, Jim Gannon 5-8-0; 4, Stan Deakin 3-10-0.Minnows Summer Series: 1, Callum Barnette 7-10-2; 2, Tom Beam 7-4-0; 3, Andrew Carman 6-10-0; Intermediates: 1, Daniel Burton 18-0-0; 3, Jon Andrews 8-10-0. Junior Summer Series: 1, David Smith 30-4-0; 2, Morgan Adawee 16-10-0; 3, Lloyd Whiteman 15-4-0.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Mersey Sweep, draw 9am, Kingsway North Allotments bank, contact Ray on 07790317714. Sunday: Sid Jones Open (Mersey), draw 9am, Victoria Park allotments (fish 34 back). Monday: Disabled and Over 60s/ Maurice Locke Trophy, draw 10am, Star Inn, contact John Dagnall at Cheshire Angling 01925 635486. Woodshaw Reservoir Junior Series, draw 5.30pm, car park. Inters/Juniors, draw 6pm, Dunham Fisheries, contact Helen Dagnall 01925 635486. Tuesday: Minnows/Beginner,s Bridgewater Canal, draw 6pm on bank opposite Euclid Ave, contact Helen Dagnall 01925 635486.