THERE continued to be changes to the cast but the performance stayed the same, the eighth win in a row followed a familiar pattern as this Wire team look ever more comfortable with their identity and playing style.

Injuries to established stars continue, Simon Grix picked up another one in this game. Pleasingly though the production of excellent young players shows no sign of slowing down, with George King making his Super League debut and looking like he belonged.

Overall the team had a youthful look to it, and right from the start they looked to have way to much speed in their play for Bradford to handle.

Maybe Bradford’s decision to take their appeal against being docked six points to the high court was in some small part to help keep the players believing they had something to fight for, to be fair they did show reasonably high spirits throughout the match, at the start of each half they could’ve easily folded and been blown away by an enormous score.

Within the first 15 minutes Wire had built up a 16-point lead. Gareth O’Brien enjoyed playing against a retreating Bradford defence, spotting several gaps throughout the game.

The first time he jinked through led to the first try, scored by Ben Harrison on the next play.

Tries from Ryan Atkins and O’Brien himself quickly followed and at that moment you would have got long odds on Wire not adding anymore points before half time, but indeed Bradford did keep the score down to 16 and scored a try of their own.

At the start of the second half the pace of play was even quicker and Bradford struggled even more.

The half was almost 13 minutes old before Bradford had possession of the ball.

In that time Wire had scored four tries, including some classic traits of offloads, quick play-the-balls leading to scoots down the middle gaining much ground and some brilliant off the cuff broken field play.

Almost inevitably Joel Monaghan added a couple more tries to his season’s tally, one from an outrageous catch from and high ball almost out of the hands of the Bradford full back Brett Kearney.