WOLVES’ stars need to concentrate on their own game if they are to send Michael Monaghan out on a high, says boss Tony Smith.

The joint-skipper has announced he will retire at the end of the season, but Smith believes the best chance of him leaving on a successful note is for his teammates to take one game at a time.

“It’s about what you’re doing now, Michael wants to do well this week for Michael and for Warrington just like he does any other week,” he said. “All our players have that same sort of pride in their jersey as well.

“Rather than a focus on trying to send Michael out on a high it’s not really our focus, if we all play well and focus on our roles and what we need to do it’ll take care of itself and we’ll get to go out on a high anyway.

“Michael and ourselves have known for a little while his decision but it was just a case of finding the right time to announce it to the public and with opportunities that might arise in the future for him.”