WOLVES boss Tony Smith has paid tribute to Michael Monaghan's continution in primrose and blue so far.

Monaghan, aged 34, has today announced he will retire at the end of the season.

Head of coaching and rugby Smith said: “We will thank Michael for his efforts he’s put into the club at the appropriate time because we know he’s got, and we’ve got, some unfinished business in terms of the rest of the season to go

"I would like to say I admire his decision to retire at the top of his game and he is in that sort of form.

"He’s certainly not going to be one of those players who is going to play a year too long and I admire that decision by him. He’s played some of his best Rugby League here.

“He’s certainly been a great asset to the club for a number of years and in all the years I’ve been here, on the field but also in his knowledge of the game.

"He is going to be a huge attribute to whichever coaching staff he ends up working for as he’s got a great ability to read the game but also to convey his thoughts of the game.

"I’m sure he is going to have a very good career after retirement in Rugby League.”