WOLVES boss Tony Smith said he was 'bemused' by a couple of decisions from referee James Child in Friday night's win against Leeds Rhinos.

He felt the video referee should have been called upon for the Michael Monaghan try he ruled out in the first half, and that a penalty try should have been awarded when Younger brother Joel Monaghan received a kick to the face after scoring the last try of the game.

Child appeared to blow early and wrongly when hooker Michael crossed on a zero tackle from a Leeds mistake. A knock-on was called that was not there.

Smith is not a supporter of the video referee system and there has been much debate recently about over use of their judgements.

"I was a little bit bemused about them not having a call on the video ref in the first half," said Smith.

"I thought there was an opportunity to but maybe there was an over reaction to all the talk about video refs.

"I hope they don't go too far the other way now, unless they want to abolish it altogether and I' be really happy about that.

"As for the incident with Joel, I saw a couple last night (TV match), and I see them every week.

"I was a bit surprised to see it go on report but not be an eight-pointer (penalty try). That's right, we've still got that rule. We'll pull that out one day. We'll all have a talk about that, then we'll have a run (of penalties) on that."