IT was like they had never been away.

For many of the 800 strong crowd who packed into Wilderspool on Thursday to see the final, final game, walking back through the old gates took them back in time.

Be it a Brian Bevan try, Paul Cullen’s fight with Andy Goodway or a famous win over the Aussies, the last hurrah was a chance for one final day of recollection.

Mal Jones, of Willis Street, recalls the win for Warrington over Australia on an October night in 1978 as his favourite.

"The absolute number one was that win in 1978. It was the highlight."

Warrington Guardian:

And Ken Wooding, from Bewsey, agreed. "That game stands out. Games like that meant everything to us as fans."

John Garner, from Paddington, first came through the turnstiles to watch Brian Bevan.

Warrington Guardian:

And remembering the scene brought it all back.

He said: "I felt it when there was a scrum.

“The ball would go in and there would be a rush.

“As it went from scrum half, to stand off, to both centres, the anticipation would be rising. Then it went to Bevan. You never knew what he was going to follow but you knew he would score."

Jean Wolfarth came back with husband John and son David.

A fan in the 1970s, she brought flowers with her in memory of former player and family friend Mike Kelly.

Warrington Guardian:

"For me, the best memories were of watching John Bevan and Parry Gordon, they were my favourite players to watch."

Bob Gregory went to his first game aged around 10.

Mesmerized by watching Bevan, he speaks fondly of watching the all conquering 1954 team travel down Orford Lane on a victory bus parade.

Warrington Guardian:

“We used to live in flats where Wakefield Brothers is now and could see from high up, it was incredible.

“But I guess one of my favourite memories was us scoring in the last minute against Bradford and the place went mental.”

Rugby league writer Dave Hadfield has travelled the world watching the sport.

The Independent journalist says Wilderspool was one of his favourite grounds to visit - when it was nicknamed the zoo.

Warrington Guardian:

He said: "I think that one special moment for me would be Paul Cullen being sent down the tunnel and still fighting with Andy Goodway.

"The atmosphere then was like a zoo. It was known as that. But it was a terrific atmosphere to be involved with."