WARRINGTON Wolves' new kits for the 2016 season will be officially unveiled later today.

We'll have pictures and all the details for you.

Here are our 10  favourite Wolves kits from the past.

Feel free to suggest your own through comments at the bottom of the article.

1 Classic look

This favourite from the 1980s and 90s was worn at Wembley and for this Lancashire Cup success. And you could buy your own from the stall on Warrington Market.

Warrington Guardian:

2 Stripes not hoops

This kit, worn by the likes of Jonathon Davies, also came in red and green and was a mid 90s favourite. Indeed, it almost lifted Wire to a famous league win.

Warrington Guardian:

3 Vodka from Varrington

The Vladivar sponsorship in the 1980s led to the inconic brand on some notable shirt designs. Remember this with Les Boyd and Steve Roach

Warrington Guardian:

4 Super League, super shirts?

The game became more commercial following the launch of Super League in 1996, and kit changes were more common. Remember the likes of Steve McCurrie and Danny Farrar in this late 90s number? 

Warrington Guardian:

5 Alfie's arrival

Any shirt on Alan Langer would have looked good. But this 2000 shirt was especially popular with us.

Warrington Guardian:

6 Home or away?

Looked like a home shirt but was actually an away one. Still looked great though in 2009 as Matt King agrees

Warrington Guardian:

7 Red and green should never be seen?

The mixture of red and green has been a regular occurance for Wolves. This one from last year being especially popular with us. Ben Westwood seen here.

Warrington Guardian:

8 Ode to the past

This 2009 shirt not only brought Wembley success, it was a real nod to the past.

Warrington Guardian:

9 Primrose and blue

Even looked good in the rain - this classic look from 2011. Simon Grix here against Saints.

Warrington Guardian:

10 Black and white

It may not be in colour but how good does this look? Brian Bevan in the 1950s.

Warrington Guardian: