THIS is the fourth race of the season, weather overcast but wind constant at 13mph, tide small at 8.6m, formed a great combination for good sailing conditions.

The race start was fraught with errors as Nighthawk 35 made a perfect start mis-understood the boat recall warning and turned back to re-cross the start line leaving Tommohawk 44 with a great opportunity to take the lead from the off, which he maintained to the finish.

What was left was exciting as seven boats battled to make ground to gain tack tickle advantage.

Night Hawk 35 and Stone hawk 65 battled hard for just over an hour before Stonehawk 65 gained the upper hand.

Meantime Tommohawk 44 stretched his lead to just under a mile from the second boat in an exhibition a text book sailing.

With errors being made by many boats, penalties applied for hit marks made the race interesting for the spectators, the placing changing at every leg of the course.

The boat making the worst start Harpie 47, slowly made up ground on the fleet so that by the last leg they had forced themselves into fourth then third position overall.

At one stage looked likely that would challenge second boat Stonehawk 65 but due to spinnaker damage to Harpie could not maintain their challenge, but finished a very creditable third.

Performance of the day must go to Tommohawk 44 who change crews for the day leaving Reece Tomlinson with two inexperienced crew, his mum and auntie.

Without question the best sailing performance of the season.

Cara Cara 45 finished fourth after making a good start, but had a few problems rounding Coopers Folly (mark) which resulted in places drop after being forced the complete a 360 degree penalty turn.

To the minnows and rookies, credit must go to Mick and Sam Price in their GP14 for completing the 7.5 mile course without a capsize to gain sixth position overall.

Also to Michael Jackson and Eden Henderson-Wall for keeping going after making a late start in the race and finished fifth overall.

Thanks to Craig Hinkins, Ed Owen, Ken Southall, Colin Howard and Sam Arnold as the race support officers.

The Finn Lomax Trophy results: 1, Tommohawk 44 (Reece Tomlinson); 2, Stonehawk 65 (Dave Irving); 3, Harpie 47 (Steve Whitehead).