WOLVES' sparkling vctory over Widnes Vikings highlights the fractions between success and failure in Super League, says Tony Smith.

The head of coaching and rugby at Wolves felt his team had been close to pulling off the performance against Widnes on other occasions this year.

"It's fine-line stuff sometimes," he said.

"There's not a huge line between success and failure sometimes.

"There's some things that fell our way today that probably haven't been falling our way at different stages in different games and I felt the same for Widnes.

"The kick Widnes put in down the right-hand side of the field late in the game, the one that was re-kicked, the ball bounced into Stefan Ratchford's hands and not theirs.

"I'd suggest to you that on other days when things have been travelling good for Widnes it would have bounced into their hands. It's fine-line stuff.

"I'm not suggesting that it's all luck, but what I am saying is that momentum and when things are going well for you it seems to attract more success.

"Our boys have been trying just as hard in every other match as they had today but things clicked for them a bit more today.

"There's plenty of things we need to improve on.

"There's some things that could have gone wrong for us and our opponents could have taken advantage.

"They got us for numbers (of players) on a couple of occasions and big Joel Monaghan put out his right mitt and knocked the ball down to stop a try or two.

"On other occasions, his fingers aren't long enough. It's fine-line sort of stuff sometimes.

"It was good for us today. We certainly scored more points than we've been able to in other matches and I didn't think som e of our kicking game was fantastic but it was absolutely excellent in other stages.

"So there's improvement there for us. We're not getting too carried away.

"It was a good day for us but it was fine-line stuff.

"We haven't been far off doing some of that sort of stuff that we showed today on other days.

"Maybe the sun shone on us a little bit and it helped us."