TEEN sensation Gregg Smith defeated Gary Ellis to pocket the £750 first prize in Saturday’s Tommy Garaven Memorial Trophy Invitation 32 at Tetley Walker.

The 19-year-old from Birmingham, winner of the All England Championship, overhauled favourite Ellis from Whitefield 21-14.

Warrington Guardian:

Tommy Johnstone


Warrington’s last hope, Tommy Johnstone, went out to Ellis 21-17 in the semi finals.

Around £500 was raised too for Warrington Hospital intensive care unit.

The green was in immaculate condition and running beautifully.

Rain accompanied the start at 10am and the big shocks in the first round were Chris Ashton - the holder of the trophy - and local lad Lee Johnstone going out.

Warrington Guardian:

Lee Johnstone


In the second round Simon Coupe went out to Martin Gilpin and runner-up last year Gareth Gwilliam was gunned down by Warrington’s Carl Armitage.

Warrington Guardian:

Carl Armitage


The last eight featured two men who had never seen the green before the day, Jimmy Davison and eventual winner Smith.

And the semi finals featured the game’s top player Gary Ellis, another of the sport’s stars Tommy Johnstone, multi-sweep winner Gilpin and Smith.

The semi finals were sensational games - tight affairs - on a day of exceptional bowling before Smith and Ellis edged through.

In the final, Ellis went for the corners and Smith decided to play the game short.

Smith was in front by a couple of chalks until halfway and when Ellis missed a chance to kill an end, instead handing Smith a pair, the Birmingham man went 14-10 clear. Ellis could not quite lead off as well as Smith and was always under pressure to save chalks.

Smith picked the wrong choice of bowl at 19-11 and paid the price to fight back to 14-19 with the jack.

But Ellis could not make a good lead and Smith delivered a two to win the game.

Results, first round: Alan Manuel 21 Lee Johnstone 18, Gary Ellis 21 Ritchie Goddard 20, Glynn Cookson 21 John Taylor 11, Paul Bailey 21 Kevin Wainwright 12, Dave Jackson 21 Tommy King 14, Tommy Johnstone 21 Danny Watson 19, Dave Macdermott 15 Steve Brown 21, John Bailey 15 Damien Morrison 21, Simon Coupe 21 Calum Wraight 7, Chris Brown 13 Martin Gilpin 21, Carl Armitage 21 Darren Plenderleith 20, Andy Moss 16 Gareth Gwilliam 21, Chris Ashton 16 John Brown 21, Larry Wells 7 Gregg Smith 21, Ian Nicholson 14 Jimmy Davison 21, Paul Lamb 21 Matt Gatley 11.

Warrington Guardian:

Alan Manuel


Second round: Manuel 18 Ellis 21, Cookson 12 Bailey 21, Jackson 14 Johnstone 21, Brown 8 Morrison 21, Coupe 13 Gilpin 21, Armitage 21 Gwilliam 14, Brown 17 Smith 21, Davison 21 Lamb 17.

Quarter finals: Ellis 21 Bailey 12, Johnstone 21 Morrison 18, Gilpin 21 Armitage 20, Smith 21 Davison 9.

Warrington Guardian:

Gary Ellis


Semi finals: Gary Ellis 21 Tommy Johnstone 17, Martin Gilpin 18 Gregg Smith 21.

Final: Ellis 14 Smith.


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Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

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