THE third round of the Cheshire Spring League is to be fished on Saturday between Houghs and Toast Rack (A56) bridges.

Can Bob Campbell come up with yet another end peg draw and add another single point to his so far perfect score?

He is up against some top class anglers, so anything could happen. Watch this space.

The last match in our Mersey Sunday Series fell rather flat as although the river looked perfect and the weather fine and dry the fish decided not to play.

The epic battle of the giants between Ray Bowden and Roy Everson who were tying on seven wins apiece was declared a draw, so no blood spilled and all bets were declared null and void.

Martin Lenihan took the main money on the day with a mixture of pole and tip caught small roach for 2lbs 8ozs 6drms.

It could have been all so different if third placed Eddie Frangleton hadn’t lost a large bream at the net. We have all been there helplessly watching the match winner sink slowly into the depths just out of our reach.

Many thanks to match organisers Ant Higham and Paul Harding who have worked tirelessly throughout the series. Without such volunteers these events just would not happen. I believe both have booked in rehab for the next three months!

It may well be that the milder weather is responsible for the lower weights in our Disabled and Over 60s match this week as the fish start to leave their winter quarters in the Dead Length where they traditionally shoal up for the cold weather but move into the rest of the canal ready for spawning.

I know that this event should be a good way off but the conditions are such that everything could be much earlier this year.

It was close between the first three anglers but match ace Jimmy Byrne won the day with 3-15-8, with just 2½ozs separating him from Lenny Dutton, who was really gutted having only needed another fish to have got his hands on the main money.

New Member Tony Rough followed up his first trip to one of our fisheries, The Mount, with what many would think a rather strange second choice of the River Gowy, or was it?

This underrated tiny fishery that the vast majority of us drive across on the M56 without even a sideways glance actually does hold a good head of fish as it is stuffed with natural food such as shrimp and snails.

On Sunday Tony first tried a couple of swims near Plemstall Church but zilch so he moved downstream of the A45 Bridge where he found more depth and a bit of colour in the water.

Loose-feeding maggot and fishing a small stick float he caught a plump roach on his first cast and ended his session with 25 to 30 roach to 1lb. Happy days!

Alan Davenport, in his quest to fish all our waters, went to the Dane this week at Holmes Chapel where using both cheese paste and trotted maggots he managed to winkle out four half decent chub with the smallest 3lbs and the best 3-12-0, along with a couple of dace and the inevitable minnows.

Don’t forget if you have not yet received your 2014 membership book you had better let me know as they have been out since mid-February. The old 2013 books are now invalid and as usual it is pay before you play.

Please keep those catch reports coming in as they are invaluable to this column and fellow members planning fishing trips. Either call me on 01928 716238 or email HQ 52, Parker Street is open as usual between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow, Friday, for subscriptions, new memberships/night permits, or any queries.

Results: Mersey Series: 1, Martin Lenihan 2-8-6; 2, Derek Bibby 2-5-14; 3, Eddie Frangleton 1-15-0. Disabled & Over 60s: 1, Jimmy Byrne 3-15-8; 2, Lenny Dutton 3-13-0; 3, Derek Bibby 3-11-6; 4 George Barber 2-10-0.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Cheshire Spring League, from Houghs Bridge to the A56 (Toast Rack) Bridge. Monday: Disabled & Over 60s: Trent & Mersey Canal, draw 10am at Farm Road. Call John Dagnall on 635486.