GYMNASTS from across the region travelled to Liverpool to compete in the annual grades competition.

Warrington Gymnastics Club had a massive impact on the competition with every gymnast passing their relevant grades.

Ruth Tomlinson, Millie Adamson, Olivia Reynolds and Freya Atkinson competed in the Grade 12 competition.

The girls stood up to the pressure to put out some beautiful work and all pass with flying colours, with Tomlinson achieving a distinction.

On Sunday, some of the youngest competitors competed in the Level 13 and 14 grades.

All the girls competed exceptionally and represented the club to a high level.

Claudia Prescott, Caitlin Collins and Phoebe Shovelton passed their level 14 grade with teammates Kahlan Kan, Megan Smith, Olivia Souther, Leah Collins and Aleesha Collins passing their level 13 grade.

Madison Bailey-Moyes, Beckie Knowles and Katy White competed in the grade 11 category each putting in a grade-passing performance.

Saskia Fishwick, Paige Cridland and Catronia Harrison competed in the grade 10 category.

Harrison’s well-rounded performance gained a pass, while Cridland gained fourth place and a county team spot.

Fishwick’s all-round performance won her the deserved champions spot.