DESPITE Sunday being a sunny spring day, all was not well on our regular Mersey Series match as those fishing had to contend with highly-coloured water and rafts of debris coming down with extra flow seemingly diverted from the Manchester Ship Canal.

Last week’s winner Roy Everson, now nicknamed ‘The Cobra’ (one bite and it’s all over), lived up to his name with a single 6oz roach.

Roy now has seven wins under his belt, equalling Ray Bowden with just three matches left before the close season.

Thankfully no raffle tickets were needed as the Bridgewater Canal produced better sport for our popular Disabled and Over 60s match fished on Monday in the Dead Length at Walton. Lenny Dutton notched up his second win of 2014 with a roach and skimmer catch for 5lbs 15ozs 0drs on bread punch and caster.

Eric Smith and his 12-year-old grandson Callum Postill are enjoying good sport with the pike at Greymist Mere.

Since joining they have fished it four times and Callum has had at least one pike on each visit.

On Sunday he was float-fishing dead-baits and had a couple of five pounders and a fish around the seven and a half pound mark and lost three others. Tench are being caught and Morgan Adawee landed a mirror that was stocked three months ago at 14-4-0, but had lost 4ozs.

Ralph Bennett took my advice on where to hunt for sport and headed for Rixton Claypits, where despite all his efforts he sat biteless for three hours.

My name was mud, but not being a quitter Ralph changed over to double caster regularly feeding a few around his float.

At 4pm the float slid away and he struck into what he thought was a smallish tench or big roach, but 10 minutes later he slid his net under a superb tinca of 6-2-0.

It beat his previous by more than 2lbs and to quote him, “It was the only bite of the day but I went home very happy.” Keep sending catch reports to 01928 716238 or HQ 52, Parker Street is open as usual between 7pm and 9pm on Friday, for subscriptions, new memberships/night permits.

Results: Disabled and Over 60s: 1, Lenny Dutton 5-15-0; 2, Alan Brown 3-9-4; 3, Bud Leigh 2-12-8; 4, Ron Durr 2-11-0.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Spring League Bridgewater Canal, draw at 9am at McDonalds, Bridge Foot (Riverside Retail Park). Ring Cheshire Angling for further details). Sunday: Mersey Series, draw at 9am Mersey Walk. Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, draw at 10am (Gun Club car park). Call John Dagnall on 635486.