THREE Warrington water polo players have been selected to attend the National Water Polo trials to be held on January 11/12 at Cardiff International Pool.

Thirteen-year-olds Emily Bowater and Ben Daily and Molly Boniface-Ashton, aged 12, will now play to join the training group for players aged 14 and under who are aiming to compete in the European Championships as under 17s in 2017.

Both Bowater and Boniface-Ashton recently attended trials for the North West Region side, with Bowater being selected for the 22-player squad and Boniface-Ashton being selected as first reserve for the under 14 side.

Daily is awaiting news on his selection for the boys’ team and expects to hear this week.

Head water polo coach Chris Byrne said: “It’s really good to see young players who have worked so hard getting some reward for their effort.

“I’m really proud of what they have achieved and hopefully they have plenty more success to come.

“All three players will be looking to follow in the foot steps of Warrington’s Olympic Water Polo player Hazel Musgrove and GB International Courtney Dean over the next few years.”