NOT content with rattling in an astonishing 147 maximum break during his practice session, James Short is now the proud owner of the record for Warrington Snooker League’s highest ever break.

Having set the tone in his earlier warm-up session, Short proceeded to make a superb 128 break to help his Irlam Cons side progress to the final of the Team Championship at the expense of Irlam Catholic A.

They face Richmonds A in the final, after they dumped Roosters C out of the last four.

Short continued his fine form with a 50 break in the respective league match, though Catholic got their revenge with a 4-3 win.

Roosters C helped their fight against relegation after they won 7-0 against bottom club Monks A.

Division Two is hotting up after Rylands A won 4-3 against Alford B and second-place Walkers A beat Woolston C 6-1.

Paul Cowley had a 30 break as Walkers B beat Rylands B 6-1 to move clear of the relegation fight.

Division Three leaders St Benedicts beat second-place Woolston B 6-1 to go nine clear.

Newton Social B won the ‘derby’ against Newton A 5-2 to stay in the race for the Division One title.

Warrington Snooker League results:
Division One:
Alford A 4 Culcheth Sports B 3, GESM A 4 Alford D 3, GTBL A 2 Penketh Tavern A 5, Irlam Catholic A 4 Irlam Cons 3, Newton Social A 2 Newton Social B 5, Richmonds A 4 GESM C 3, Roosters C 7 Monks A 0.
Division Two: Alford B 3 Rylands A 4, Deaf Social A 7 St Josephs 0, Rylands B 1 Walkers B 6, Walkers A 6 Monks C 1, Woolston C 3 GESM B 4.
Division Three: Culcheth Sports A 5 Eagle Sports 2, Kings Club B 2 Irlam Catholic B 5, Penketh Cons A 3 Kings Club A 4, Roosters D 5 Deaf Social B 2, St Benedicts 6 Woolston B 1.
Fixtures for tonight, Thursday:
Division One:
Alford D v GESM C, Culcheth Sports B  Roosters C, GESM A v GTBL A, Irlam Cons v Newton Social A, Monks A v Richmonds A, Newton Social B v Alford A, Penketh Tavern A v Irlam Catholic A.
Division Two: Bye: GTBL B v Woolston C, Monks C v Deaf Social A, Richmonds B v Walkers A, St Josephs v Rylands B, Walkers B v Bridgewater Club, Alford B.
Division Three: Eagle Sports v Roosters D, Irlam Catholic B v Kings Club C, Penketh Cons A v St Benedicts, St Josephs v Kings Club B, Woolston B v Culcheth Sports A. Byes: Penketh Tavern B, Kings Club A.