RICHMONDS A returned to winning ways at relegation-threatened Roosters C, leaving them four points clear at the Warrington League summit.

Newton Social B are second in Divison One after winning 5-2 at GTBL A, where breaks of 50 and 49 were registered by Steve Critchley and Steve Crutchley for the winners, Dave Newton cueing a 42 for the losers.

Highest break of the week was achieved by Tim Cunningham, who amassed 52 points from a single visit to the table in Alford A’s 6-1 success against GESM C.

Division Two pacesetters Rylands A lost for the second week running, fourth-placed Richmonds B toppling them 5-2.

Their lead is now only four points from Walkers A.

St Benedicts stay top of Division Three after coming from behind to beat Deaf Social B 5-2, Sean Cassidy registering a break of 41 for the table-toppers.

Warrington Snooker League results:
Division One:
Alford A 6 GESM C 1, GESM A 4 Irlam Cons 3, GTBL A 2 Newton Social B 5, Irlam Catholic A 2 Culcheth Sports B 5, Newton Social A 4 Monks A 3, Roosters C 3 Richmonds A 4.
Division Two: Bridgewater Club 4 Woolston C 3, Deaf Social A 6 GTBL B 1, Richmonds B 5 Rylands A 2, Rylands B 3 GESM B 4, Walkers A 5 Walkers B 2.
Division Three: Culcheth Sports A 2 Irlam Catholic B 5, Kings Club C 1 Penketh Tavern B 6, Penketh Cons A 5 Eagle Sports 2, St Benedicts 5 Deaf Social B 2, Woolston B 5 Kings Club A 2.
Fixtures for tonight, Thursday:
Division One:
Alford A v Richmonds A, Culcheth Sports B v Newton Social A, GESM C v Roosters C, Irlam Cons v GTBL A, Monks A v Alford A, Newton Social B v Irlam Catholic A, Penketh Tavern A v GESM A.
Division Two: GESM B v Bridgewater Club, GTBL B v Rylands B, Richmonds B v Alford B, Rylands A v Woolston C, St Josephs v Walkers A, Walkers B v Deaf Social A. Bye: Monks C.
Division Three: Deaf Social B v Culcheth Sports A, Eagle Sports v St Benedicts, Irlam Catholic B v Roosters D, Kings Club A v Penketh Tavern B, Woolston B v Penketh Cons A. Byes: Kings Club C, Kings Club B.