FRESH from a whirlwind tour of Buenos Aires television studios before Christmas, Warrington boxer Martin Murray has now got his work head on ahead of April’s titanic title tussle with WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, writes Mike Critchley.

Although it is the biggest fight yet for the unbeaten 30-year-old from Paddington, Murray is treating it like all the others as he eases into his build-up.

There are, however, a few noticeable differences, for not only is he facing the king of the middleweight division, but it is going to be his first outing against a southpaw – a boxer who leads with the right and favours the left hand.

That is something the St Helens-born boxer is comfortable with and is already working on it with trainer Oliver Harrison.

He said: “Martinez is a great fighter, but the other difference is he is a southpaw and I have never fought one of those as a pro before. “I have in my amateur days and to be honest I have always handled them pretty well.

“The pace is slower – it is a lot more cagy with a southpaw and a bit more of a boxing match. “You just have to out-think them because you are facing something you are not used to, from the position of their leg in front of yours to looking out for the shots coming from the other side.”

Murray is now easing into his training and is being drip fed his game-plan by trainer Harrison, a plan that will see him in tip-top mental and physical condition for the Buenos Aires showdown.

Murray said: “We are in this massive fight, but it is just another fight to us and as silly as that sounds – it is just another fight. That is how we approach them – we can’t get over-awed.

“Oliver will already have his game plan, but he is clever and will only tell you little things at a time as we go in training camp. I turn up to training and follow his instructions and practise little things in the gym. “He will take on the role of Martinez looking in and work on things that he would beat me with, and vice-versa.”