MEMBERS of a traditional Korean martial art school in Culcheth came home from their first tournament with medals.

Oscar Hondow, aged 14, received a gold medal in self-defence techniques, a silver medal in sparring and a bronze medal in traditional forms at the annual UK tournament in Liverpool.

Nathan DeOliviera, aged nine, received a silver medal in sparring and a bronze medal in self-defence techniques.

Ching Lee, their instructor at the Kuk Sool Won school at Culcheth Community Campus, said: “I am extremely proud of their participation at their first ever tournament. It just proves that with enough hard work, discipline, determination and most importantly, perseverance we can excel and do well in everything we put our minds to.”

Kuk Sool Won seeks to integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established Asian fighting arts and body conditioning techniques, as well as utilising mental development and traditional weapon training.

Classes are held between 7pm and 8pm every Tuesday and Friday. Call instructor Ching Lee on 07709 179163 for more details.