WARRINGTON will receive Government funding to reduce the risk of flooding.

Defra and the Environment Agency announced that £16.9 million would be pumped into the north west to reduce flooding and coastal erosion.

Some £4.8 million of that will be used to reduce flooding in more than 2,000 properties in Latchford, Howley, Padgate, Westy, Woolston, Cinnamon Brow and on Kingsway North.

Warrington Borough Council and private companies will be contributing to the total cost of the scheme.

David Mowat, Warrington South MP, said: “This funding is excellent news for people living along the banks of the Mersey in Latchford.

“These areas have suffered from flooding in years gone by and it causes major disruption to homes and businesses.

“Sadly experience from other areas suggests that many people do not have adequate insurance to protect them from flooding, so hopefully this work will keep insurance premiums down.”

The funding was also welcomed by Warrington North MP Helen Jones.

But she slammed a delay.

Mrs Jones said: “Last year’s huge cut to funding for flood defences by the Tory-led Government delayed the start of this scheme in Warrington.

“The Government should never have delayed the funding which meant that thousands of families’ homes remained unnecessarily at risk of flooding for longer.”

Subject to planning permission and partnership funding, work should start on Knutsford Road and Victoria Park in autumn.

Dermot Smith, River Mersey Flood Risk Management Scheme project executive, said: “Although we have not had extensive flooding of homes in Warrington recently we have had some near misses.

“This is a very important investment for reducing flood risk in Warrington.”

To find out if you are at risk of flooding call 0845 988 1188 or visit environment-agency.gov.uk/ floodnorthwest.