A PROACTIVE approach to combat parking issues outside Stockton Heath Primary School has been launched.

Junior safety officers from the school, on West Avenue, have teamed up with village PCSO Becky Blackledge to make the surrounding roads safer.

The main problem comes as parents drop off their children but improvements are already being made.

PCSO Blackledge is confident of further success and praised the pupils involved in the initiative.

She said: "Me and the junior safety officers have been looking at the issue of parking outside the school before the school day starts.

"This is a new approach and is the first time it has been carried out in Stockton Heath.

"We took a look at how people were parking and handed out advice.

"Some parked on the corner and also on the sides of the streets which can be dangerous.

"It is all about making the roads safer, especially as so many children are passing by. The parents are really pleased with the work being done.

"The head teacher will continue going out with the students once a week and I will keep coming down."