A HIGH-TECH handheld speed enforcement camera is being deployed on roads of concern, including Hatton Lane, to target dangerous motorists.

Cheshire Police officers have been trained in how to use the new devices to tackle speeding across the county.

PCSO Ste Parr, who covers Hatton, Stretton and Walton, said the force took action following concerns from residents.

He added: "We had a review and people raised a number of issues – speeding on Hatton Lane was one of them and we have since had the camera there.

"The speed enforcement camera has such a big area to cover so normally it will be based at a specific location for a couple of hours at a time.

"It is a safety feature – we need to make people think twice about speeding to make roads safer.

"In Hatton there is a pub and you get people crossing the country lanes a lot so it is clear to see why residents are worried about this issue.

"I have been pleased with the results we have had so far.

"Cheshire Police takes speeding seriously. If areas are highlighted then we will look at them."

Anyone found speeding could face a three-point penalty and £100 fine.