Building on African links

12:54pm Thursday 3rd June 2010

IN Great Sankey High School we have an overseas partnership with South Peninsula High in South Africa, writes Jennifer Castle.

Students feeling the pressure in exam season

12:53pm Thursday 3rd June 2010

THE children of today are all stressing about their exams, write Liam McLeod-Eccles and James Frangleton.

Walton Gardens in the spotlight

10:42am Thursday 13th May 2010

FOLLOWING the launch of a Facebook campaign, Walton Gardens has been pushed under the glare of the media spotlight as areas of it face privatisation, with the possibilities of eventual closure to the general public.

Viva La Blitz prepare to release their debut EP

10:40am Thursday 13th May 2010

GREAT Sankey- based four piece Viva La Blitz have only been playing together since June 2009, but have already made an impact on the local stage.

Inspiring young people get a pat on the back

Warrington Guardian: Some of the youngsters at the Inspire event

10:39am Thursday 13th May 2010

THE portrayal of young people in the media today is often unfair – so to promote a good relationship with the young people of our town, Warrington Borough Council organised an Inspire event at the Parr Hall.

Call to set the standard against anorexia

10:38am Thursday 13th May 2010

“A MOMENT on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”

For one night only...

12:10pm Thursday 5th November 2009

ON October 22, casually-dressed young people flooded the Town Hall in search of political enlightenment – open for one-night-only to the public for speed debating, which is essentially what it says on the tin.

Hilden comes to Warrington

12:08pm Thursday 5th November 2009

ONE of Warrington’s partnering towns is Hilden in Germany, and from October 18 to 25 members of Hilden youth council visited Warrington.

Emotional path through Hell’s Gate at the infamous Auschwitz in Poland

12:07pm Thursday 5th November 2009

THANKS to the Holocaust Educational Trust, myself and 200 other students from colleges across the north west were able to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland, writes Nicola Moors.

Should twins John and Edward stay in X Factor?

Warrington Guardian: Should twins John and Edward stay in X Factor?

12:06pm Thursday 5th November 2009

EVERY Saturday, people all over the UK gather round their televisions in anticipation of the abomination that has become the X-Factor, writes Paul Pope.

Can we see your ID please?

11:52am Thursday 8th October 2009

HAVE you ever been asked to prove your age?

Black comedy Psychoville is one to watch

11:51am Thursday 8th October 2009

DURING the summer more than 1million viewers tuned in to BBC2 every Thursday to watch the honourably-named black comedy Psychoville, written by and starring the talent behind The League of Gentlemen.

Laughter is the best medicine

11:51am Thursday 8th October 2009

I FIND it completely exasperating that a select group of people are constantly being affronted by TV programmes and then writing in to have them taken off the air.

In the mood for blues

Warrington Guardian: Performers at Warrington Rhythm and Blues Festival

3:19pm Thursday 4th June 2009

THE Pyramid hosted the first Warrington Rhythm and Blues Festival on the weekend of May 23.

Huge steps to youth summit success story

3:17pm Thursday 4th June 2009

WARRINGTON youths took a huge step forward last month as the town’s first youth summit took place.

Bruised fans

Warrington Guardian: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Kristin Scott Thomas with their Best Actor and Actress awards

8:28pm Friday 7th March 2008

Bruised Bolton fans express their views.

Singing in the rain, courtesy of the Reverend and his band

Warrington Guardian: The Reverend, minus The Makers, who thrilled fans by playing an impromptu open-air gig in the rain-swept Queen's Gardens

4:34pm Friday 7th March 2008

REVEREND and the Makers visited Warrington's Parr Hall on February 25 to give what was a memorable gig.


Warrington Guardian: Model and former film star Waris Dirie was missing for three days

11:23am Friday 7th March 2008

THIS week the Conservatives have announced their plans regarding alcohol.

Great Northern cook-off

Warrington Guardian:

2:59pm Monday 10th September 2007

Daniel Miller, aged 15, of Warrington is interested in cooking and being 'a famous chief like Gordan Ramsay'. Here's his report...

Daniel's Blackpool verdict!

Warrington Guardian:

5:09pm Tuesday 4th September 2007

Fifteen-year-old Dr Who fan Daniel Miller, from Dallam, sent us his verdict on the official switch-on of Blackpool Illuminations.

Could tanning threaten your life?

Warrington Guardian:

3:36pm Wednesday 6th June 2007

WITH summer on its way, young people all over Warrington are doing their best to get a tan before the hot weather requires them to put on some shorts.

A flavour of a future career for year nine pupils

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

PUPILS currently in year nine, across the Warrington area were invited to attend Way Ahead careers evening to give them a flavour of the various careers available, and the minimum educational standards required, writes Chris Manning.

Seminar proves to be an inspirational affair

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

CHILDREN from the Warrington and Liverpool areas attended Chester University over the Easter period to participate in motivational seminars aimed at year 10 pupils, writes Mike Glover.

A nation mourns the passing of a World Cup-winning legend

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

APRIL 24 marked the death of world cup-winning footballer Alan Ball.

Explore the fun of Scouting

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

EXPLORER Scouting in Warrington gives teenagers aged 13 to 18 the chance to try a range of activities, including expedition planning, guest speakers, camping and hiking, writes Jennifer Gibson.

Give Natalie your full support

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

FOR most people, a bungee jump is not the most inviting experience, writes Jack Hall.

Youngsters abandon computer for new challenges

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

PEOPLE often complain that young people spend all their time in front of a computer or hanging out on street corners, writes Charlotte Forshaw.

Size zero adds up to big problems...

8:00am Thursday 3rd May 2007

THE size zero problem is one that affects many teenagers in the UK and America, writes Jennifer Gibson.

Young people's chance to Be Heard

10:39am Thursday 1st February 2007

ARE you aged 13-19? Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to have a say and make Warrington a better place for you?

You'll be asking for more of Oliver!

10:39am Thursday 1st February 2007

MAKE sure you watch St Gregory's Catholic High School's production of Oliver'.

Explorers and scouts go on winter camp

10:37am Thursday 1st February 2007

ON FRIDAY, January 5, 28 Explorers from Warrington East travelled down south to join the other thousands of Explorers and Scouts at Gilwell winter camp. This camp was the first big event of 2007, being one of many held to celebrate 100 years of scouting.

School bullies are much worse than those on Big Brother

Warrington Guardian: Former Miss Warrington Danielle Lloyd

10:36am Thursday 1st February 2007

WE HAVE all been aware in the past few weeks about bullying in the Celebrity Big Brother house but, if this happened in a school corridor, no-one would think twice.

Schools mark achievements of pupils

11:57am Thursday 21st December 2006

BRIDGEWATER High School held its 6th Annual Awards Evening on December 7.

All I want for Christmas is a wii console

11:56am Thursday 21st December 2006

ALL across Warrington, a craze for Nintendo wiis has spread rapidly across town with more than 18,000 consoles being sold.

Better get your skates on for festive fun

11:55am Thursday 21st December 2006

WARRINGTON has really gone all out this Christmas with Santa's grotto, Christmas carol singing at lunch times and the portable ice rink all in the Golden Square!

GCSEs can take their toll

4:20pm Thursday 30th November 2006

AS one of the many 14-year-olds in Warrington I have recently taken my first GCSE.

Are you ready to step up?

4:19pm Thursday 30th November 2006

WHEN people ask me what I do on Wednesday evening, they are often surprised to hear that my friends and I go ballroom dancing.

Are we bearing witness to winners?

4:18pm Thursday 30th November 2006

SCHOOLS from all over the world are competing in this year's KWN competition.

Work experience that left a sweet taste in the mouth

4:30pm Thursday 9th November 2006

AFTER having heard so many bad work experience stories, I was in no way looking forward to my work experience at Thornton's.

Welcome to the Boys Club

4:29pm Thursday 9th November 2006

BOYS Club is a youth club with a difference because no girls are allowed.

Premiership revolves around us

4:29pm Thursday 9th November 2006

SATURDAY for many in Warrington is a day for football and with Warrington Town not yet at the forefront, people have to travel further afield to catch their favourite team in action.

The Big Idea is a big success

4:28pm Thursday 9th November 2006

LAST week saw the launch of The Big Idea, Warrington's new Internet TV Channel.

Put your money where your mouth is, Jamie

9:00am Thursday 12th October 2006

WE'VE all seen in the news about Jamie Oliver and his fight for better school meals.

Smooth transition from school to college

9:00am Thursday 12th October 2006

THE transition from high school to college is a big leap.

Mersey on the rocks?

9:00am Thursday 12th October 2006

AS a good way to relax and enjoy myself at the weekend, I always looked forward to going to Mersey Rock on a Friday night at the Legion in Penketh, where I could always count on good music, good atmosphere and a good time.

Come on Andy, you can do it!

11:42am Thursday 21st September 2006

IT seems that Andy Murray can do no wrong these days.

Talk of school closures sent shockwaves through area

3:50pm Thursday 3rd August 2006

AS a former Padgate High student myself, I know the recent proposals to the secondary education system in Padgate, Woolston and Orford have sent the surrounding areas into chaos.

Football's coming home

Warrington Guardian: SOCCER STARS: Youngsters who took part in the Warrington Community Football Partnership tournament

3:49pm Thursday 3rd August 2006

UP to 70 young people have been taking part in the summer Warrington Community Football Partnership Football Tournament.

Make yourself Be Heard

9:49am Friday 30th June 2006

DO you ever feel you don't have a voice?

Threat of guns in hands of youths

Warrington Guardian: GUN CULTURE: Thet Oo is concerned about the level of gun ownership in our society. Picture posed by model.

9:45am Friday 30th June 2006

EASY access of young people to guns has become a big threat to society.

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