A FATHER and son have admitted to running a cannabis farm capable of producing up to £112,000 worth of weed a year.

David Williams, aged 50, and Edward David Williams, aged 20, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis at the address at 4 Lewis Avenue in Dallam.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Monday how Williams Jr lived at the property which housed a ‘sophisticated’ set up with cannabis grown in three rooms.

Jo Maxwell, prosecuting, said police executed a warrant on March 13 to find a stoned Williams Jr alone in the house, where there was a strong smell of weed.

They found 39 plants, around 40 inches in height, along with numerous high wattage lights, bottles of plant food and fans.

In the kitchen were chocolate cakes with cannabis sprinkled on top.

More than 3kg of cannabis was recovered, including 1.9kg of flowering heads, with a potential value of £22,000, the court heard.

On arrest William Jr admitted to owning two bags of cannabis found in the living room, but denied any knowledge of the plants.

Ms Maxwell said: “He said he never went into the bedrooms because he had no need to do so and that it was his job to keep the property clean.”

Recorder of Chester Elgan Edwards said: “When you consider he has a previous conviction for cultivating cannabis it makes the whole thing even more absurd.”

Williams Jr later said they were his dad’s who was growing it ‘for his own smoke’.

However, his fingerprints were then found on one of the lamps used to grow the Class B drug.

He then admitted to overseeing the farm as a ‘gardener’.

Williams Sr was arrested on March 15 and admitted ownership of the operation.

He said he had purchased the equipment for £600 from Ebay.

The court heard it was capable of producing up to five crops a year with a value of between £67,000 and £112,000.

Mr Edwards jailed Williams Sr for 15 months as he went into the operation ‘with eyes open to make money’.

Williams Jr was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, and a supervision order for two years.