MYTH: Youth apprentices are not experienced enough to carry out a skilled role.

TRUTH: The purpose of the apprenticeship is for the apprentice to learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money – all at the same time. They will work towards a work-based qualification such as a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and other nationally recognised qualifications.

Employers all over the country recognise and value apprenticeships as they show that you’ve been trained in the skills they need.

Apprenticeships typically take between one and four years to complete, depending on the type of apprenticeship and the level. There is no set time to complete an apprenticeship as they vary widely in content and size.

The length of time taken will depend on the ability of the individual apprentice and the employer’s requirements.


MYTH: Apprentices are just school leavers brought into organisations for an extra pair of hands.

TRUTH: An apprentice is a paid employee of the company in a job role with a productive purpose.

They’re also respected and work alongside experienced staff who will train them on the job. More and more employers are taking on apprentices as a means of investment for the future of their company.

Apprentices can be any age as long as they are 16 or over. Employment is a fundamental part of an apprenticeship and in this context is more than just having a contract of employment. An apprentice must be employed in a job role with a productive purpose.