THERE can be a very fine line between success and failure in the business of sport and it’s not just on the pitch or track that this line lies.

Sport is a passion for some but entertainment for others.

Creating events that spark excitement, draw a crowd, leave lasting memories and build a positive relationship with spectators is the objective.

The spectacle of rugby league’s ‘Magic Weekend’ is one which continues to draw strong crowds and this year was no exception.

Even without the die-hard season ticket holders 65,000 plus attendees were achieved. The influx of this to the local economy is critical.

Fans eat, drink, use hotels, taxis and buy merchandise.

Getting the crowd in boosts the local economy. Making this event successful comes from both innovation and planning.

The format sets it apart from ‘normal’ matches and creates an expectation which motivates attendees.

All businesses should learn from this type of approach, it’s about ‘adding value’. Yes a sale can increase activity, but it also erodes margin.

Creating the extra something which people will buy is a better way forward.

Extending the warm glow of business to the supporting networks is great for all.

So how about bringing it to the north west?

LAWRENCE Bellamy is deputy provost at University of Chester’s Padgate campus