IN terms of unemployment Warrington has one of the lowest claimant rates in the Country, with the Centre for Cities report indicating only 1.59 per cent in February 2017.

Although this statistic does not indicate the full picture it does show how well the Warrington economy is performing.

In addition the amount of traffic commuting into Warrington each day for work shows further the strength of industry here.

However, this success is making it difficult for some.

If you work in a caring profession you will be aware of a shortage of applicants.

This is pushing up costs as care homes try to attract workers and coupled with reducing funding they are closing at an alarming rate.

Demographics are not helping either, with a population dip of 18 year olds entering the jobs market and many with their sights set on higher education.

So where do industries such as health care turn?

Retraining and the more mature workforce has to be the key. People are being asked to work longer and to do this they may have to reskill.

The work also has to be adapted to suit the older worker. A fundamental review of how we recruit and retain workers is needed to match our ageing population.

LAWRENCE Bellamy is deputy provost at University of Chester’s Padgate campus.