THERE were some contentious issues within the March budget address.

Aside from the position of schools and usual concerns over energy businesses certainly have something to consider.

Unfortunately some of that depends where you are in the country.

National insurance contributions for the self-employed have hit the headlines as a tax rise of course and the Government is wobbling a little there.

Warrington has around 8000 businesses. Many of these are sole-traders who will feel the rise. Also the Centre for Cities analysts highlight a north-south divide, arising from business rates changes.

A cap on increases for small businesses and some decreases should be welcome all round.

However if you look at the rates burden across the country then five cities total a saving to business of over £500m.

They are all in the south, with London taking £478m. Five cities who are the biggest losers due to the change total a £110m increase.

They are all in the North and include our neighbours Manchester.

This is the issue with central Government control, where broad policies effect areas differently, creating winners and losers. Perhaps it’s therefore another nod towards Devolution?

Lawrence Bellamy writes a regular column for our business pages