LAWRENCE Bellamy is associate dean at The University of Chester's Padgate campus.

This week in his column, he talks about business success in town.

WARRINGTON continues to see successes in business investment.

Another development is set for Omega through the ‘The Hut’ logistics provision, a new venture on Winwick Road by the GMPVF and confidence in the area is shown with the purchase of Birchwood Business Park through US and German investment firms.

However, despite a very healthy trading period for the town there are still significant challenges.

For example even within a recovering construction sector Globe Management Services recently went into administration, leading to a loss of 60 jobs.

An improving economy is no guarantee of success and even long-established firms who have proved to be durable previously can be thrown into turmoil if key contracts hit problems or major customers apply price pressure or switch.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced portfolio of products and markets, without compromising business focus, is essential to protect a business from unexpected changes arising in a dynamic market.

Also many businesses, in dealing with the day to day, fail to spot the early signs of emerging long-term problems.

Monitoring changes in the economy, competitor activity and the satisfaction and success of customers is critical.

You can see the future if you know how to read the signs.