A FORMER architect has said he has been enjoying ‘giving something back’ after 5 Boroughs helped his recovery following a mental health breakdown.

Colin Pearson, who has been running the arts and crafts creative therapy room at Hollins Park after being medically retired, is one of many former and current patients whose artwork will be on display at the Winwick hospital for the public on Sunday.

And 66-year-old Colin, formerly of Penketh and Great Sankey, hopes the event will open people’s eyes to what the hospital does and the importance of art during recovery.

He added: “When I was not well, nursing staff at 5 Boroughs introduced me back to art as part of the therapy and things developed from there.

“It’s an excellent therapy for patients and a lot have come back to thank me.

“I can’t pay enough tributes to the team at Hollins Park, they looked after me so well I wanted to return the compliment.”

The former Warrington Development Corporation employee, who worked on sites including Gemini, said his consultant told him he was never going back to work after he suffered a mental health breakdown in 2002.

He added: “My job had a lot of pressures financially and we would never turn work away so I was working longer and longer hours, going in earlier and staying later and I started developing medical problems.

“You think you can work through them and don’t want to let anyone down but my body just gave up.”

Colin and his wife Susan, aged 61, who live in Bold, are now both ‘putting something back’ after receiving help – Susan volunteers at the disability stand on Warrington Market.

He added: “A lot of the patients are probably anxious and then they come into the art room, where most have never touched art materials since school, and sit down and start producing great work.

“They go away saying ‘I enjoyed that’ and it puts a spring in their step.

“Then they look forward to presenting paintings or greetings cards to relatives who visit them and relatives can’t believe what they have produced for them and that gives me a boost.”

The exhibition takes place from noon to 4pm.