WHAT do you get when you put together a children’s TV legend, a town crier and a few carefully placed props?

A: The cover of a new charity calendar that is raising women’s pulses after the men of Lymm dropped their clothes to star in a naked calendar.

The saucy selection of pictures was the brainchild of members of Lymm Ladies and spearheaded by Kay Wilson, Catherine Sharman and photographer Sandi Hodkinson.

Kay said: “We started talking one night, we had been out for a meal and we were talking and it just came up. We were thinking of ideas for charity and what we could do and it snowballed from there.

“The guys were brilliant and they didn’t take much persuading, it was all community driven.

“We went to every shop in the village and put it to them and asked if they would mind stripping off. We only had one no.”

Armed with a list of potential models for their calendar the girls set about creating steamy settings befitting their models businesses.

Among those featured are members of the village’s rugby team, mechanics from Parry’s Garage and staff from Flavours Turkish restaurant.

“We were a bit sneaky we told them on the Wednesday before we took the pictures when we were doing it so they didn’t have a lot of time before to prepare but they did a lot of fake tans,” added Kay.

Photographer Sandi said: “We shot it in two and a half days and we had to go back for two or three. I created contact sheets and they chose which were their favourites. We retouched a few.”

And the stars of the cover were only too happy to help launch the calendar at an event on Tuesday in the village.

Matthew Corbett agreed to help out the charity fundraiser for Everyman, a national charity for male cancers, and Cheshire-based charities.

He stripped off on a barge along the Bridgewater Canal tow path.

Matthew said: “We were quite lucky because there happened to be a quiet half hour on the tow path when very few people were walking past.

“It was a lovely experience, it was an all female team. For a 62-year-old guy having three gorgeous ladies to say get your kit off it’s a pretty good experience.”

But for Lymm town crier Peter Powell he had just his bell to hid his modesty and had to also shelter himself from the village webcams to avoid controversy.

“Everyone in Lymm knows about it. There’s been a lot of interest generated. If we could sell 1,000 we would be really happy, added Kay.

Could we be seeing a lot more of a few more Lymm faces in 2012 too?

Kay said: “We had more people that wanted to do the modelling than we had space for.”

So it sounds like a sequel could be in the making.

The calendars, produced by Andy Ryan at Abraxus Media, will be on sale in all of the sponsors and stars of the calendar across Lymm at £10 each and can also be ordered online at lymmcalendar.co.uk