Anne Greig told the Guardian how her ‘whole life fell into a black hole’ when her daughter with Down's Syndrome first told her she had been raped by a paedophile ring.

It was in 2000 when Hollie Greig, now 30, confided the alleged abuse to Anne. She told her mum that she had been been attacked regularly since 1986.

Hollie had not told Anne because her gang of attackers allegedly told her that they would kill her pet dog and mum if she recounted the violations.

When the abuse started at six, Hollie, because of her Down’s Syndrome, did not have the speech skills to tell her mum.

Anne, who now lives in Shropshire, said: “To hear your little girl who is partially deaf, was born with heart problems and developed sclerosis of the spine at 12, got through all of that but was being abused since the age of six - my whole life fell into a black hole.”

Anne immediately went to the police on 19 May 2000 and by August Hollie had named 16 abusers and two other victims, allegedly children of one of the paedophiles aged two and three. After getting a psychiatrist to confirm that Hollie was a reliable witness Anne returned to the police, but they only ever interviewed two suspects.

In September, to her ‘horror’, Anne was sectioned and accused of being schizophrenic. She believes this was an attempt to discredit her as a mother.

“To my horror I woke up in a mental hospital with doctors taking blood out of my arm - the worst thing was with me in there Hollie could end up back with her attackers.”

Anne was released from hospital and was certified mentally stable by Dr Ellen Smith who said there was ‘absolutely nothing wrong’ with her, according to Anne. Her solicitor Yvonne McKenna wrote to the Mental Welfare Commission and was told there was no record of Anne’s sectioning. She is convinced there is a conspiracy to prevent her getting Hollie’s case heard and even said that her brother, Robert Greig, was murdered in 1997 after walking in on Hollie being abused. His death was recorded as suicide via smoke inhallation but an autopsy report recently secured by Anne apparently shows that Robert suffered a broken back and fractured skull just before he died.

Anne has now been left fighting for justice against what she perceives as a ‘huge cover up’.

“It’s diabolical, a disgrace, the whole system is corrupt - no solicitor will take the case as there has been a huge cover up.

“These were people I thought of as friends and abuse was going on behind my back.

“Hollie watches cartoons where the baddies get caught and she can’t understand why, after telling the truth, nothing is happening.”