UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have once again been spotted in the night skies above Warrington.

Readers have contacted the Warrington Guardian with their sightings that include fireballs and troupes of bright orange lights travelling soundlessly in formations.

On Saturday, May 9 at around 10.30pm David Horgan, from Stockton Heath, saw around 15 to 20 separate orange lights flying silently, seemingly following the Manchester Ship Canal.

While the next day, Marie Kelly-Irlam, from Lymm, was driving with her son and his girlfriend when they spotted a huge burning fireball travelling at a fast pace through the sky at around 10.20pm.

She said: “It was scary and amazing at the same time. I pulled over and they got out of the car, and we watched it clearly moving across the sky.

“It was huge and like a furness of heat coming from it. I turned the car around to try and follow it but by time I had done so we lost sight of it.”

Sightings of strange orange lights in the sky have also been reported in Penketh and Grappenhall.

Andy Mannion, sightings editor of a UFO website called UK-UFO, said: “We have had a number of sighting reports from the Warrington area.

“Sighting of multiple orange glowing lights are not uncommon especially over the holiday periods.

“My opinion is that there is a high probability that the items witnessed are Chinese lanterns.”