PEOPLE all over the country day dream about giving their boss a piece of their mind. Few ever do.

But one member of staff at Warrington Hospital did just that on his last day, by e-mailing chief executive Catherine Beardshaw with a few home truths' - and copying in every other staff member there.

Paul Cosford's e-mail began: "Today I leave the trust, Catherine, in doing so I felt it my duty to finish on a high and give you a piece of my mind.

"I don't know if you have ever worked on a pittance Cath, can you remember what it was like before your £100k+ a year job?" it said, continuing: "The things that matter to your average employee in the Trust are ACTUAL TANGIBLE benefits."

Mr Cosford goes on to slam Mrs Beardshaw and the rest of the trust board for its crazy footballer style' salaries and accuses board members of not caring for their staff.

"The truth is the overpaid employee's (sic) are where we could REALLY make a difference on spending. Apart from Alan Massey (the chairman of the board), who seems to actually honestly care, the rest of the higher echelon staff are as good as stealing money," the e-mail said.

"Why don't you try swapping your job for a month with say a nurse or domestic and whilst wiping someone's diarrhoea-sodden bottom think about how much importance to these staff members gaining Foundation (Trust status) means against say, err, free drinking water fountains like we used to have," said Mr Cosford.

An anonymous, handwritten comment at the end of the e-mail reads: "As Paul says, 99 per cent of us honestly think this way."

In reply to Mr Cosford's e-mail, Catherine Beardshaw copied every member of staff into her letter to Paul.

"We have generated a surplus at the end of the 07/08 financial year and this has enabled us to pay off our historic deficit and buy a lot of equipment for patients and staff including new beds, patient lockers, monitoring equipment, desks and computers at the end of the year," she said.

"This was entirely down to the hard work of all our staff."

A hospital spokesman said that Mr Cosford was not a member of clinical staff at the hospital. He was on a temporary contract in the IT department.

Mrs Beardshaw has since received e-mails from other members of staff saying they disagreed with Mr Cosford's sentiments.

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