NEW Year’s Day saw six bundles of joy welcomed into the world at Warrington Hospital.

The first day of 2018 saw three girls born in the early hours, followed by three baby boys in the evening.

First to give birth in 2018 was Katie Brookes, from Newton-le-Willows, whose daughter Ella arrived at 12.26am.

She was quickly followed at 12.55am by Daisy-Mai Blinston, who was born weighing 8lb8 five days after her expected due date of Wednesday, December 27.

New mum Alisha Blinston, of Canterbury Street in Latchford, said: “It’s just something different to be a New Year’s baby - it’s quite a special thing.

“Everyone thought she was going to come on Christmas Day, but she came on New Year’s Day instead which is even better.

“It was a painful but good way to start the year.”

Elena Ienesel, from Haydock, then gave birth to daughter Rosemarie at 2.48am to complete a trio of baby girls before the sun had risen on 2018.

Mohammed Raees Khan was the next arrival, born weighing 6lb7 at 8.43pm two weeks ahead of his January 14 due date.

Mum Haruna Ayyaz, of Sutton Street in Howley, said: “It’s amazing to have him arrive on New Year’s Day - I just can’t get over it to be honest.

“I’m just happy that he’s here.”

Ferguson O’Neill was then born weighing 8lb12 to Siobhan Doherty and Damon O’Neill at 9.13pm.

The Manchester United fans, of Ford Street in Fairfield, named their first-born son in honour of the Red Devils’ legendary manager Alex Ferguson.

Siobhan, of Ford Street in Fairfield, said: “We didn’t think he’d make it in time for New Year’s Day at one point.

“We’ve named him after Alex Ferguson, and his birthday is on New Year’s Eve - so that’s what we really wanted, but New Year’s Day is just as special.”

Warrington Hospital’s final arrival on New Year’s Day saw Nicole Hill give birth to son Reggie Barrick at 9.56pm, weighing 7lb12.

Reggie had also been due on Wednesday, December 27.

Nicole, of Blackledge Close in Fearnhead, said: “Can you imagine how his birthday celebrations are going to be when he’s older?

“I thought he’d come on Christmas Day, but he came on New Year’s Day instead.

“It’s a special way to start the year.”