A FLOWER arranger for St Oswald’s Church in Winwick rose to the occasion at Westminster Abbey on Remembrance Day.

Ann France, 78, was tasked with creating a floral display at one of the most iconic churches in the world in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Ann, who attends Winwick Flower Club each month, has been arranging flowers at the church in Winwick for 20 years.

Ahead of her trip to London, Mrs France said: “Each county in England has to make a list of people who would like to go down to arrange flowers in Westminster.

“We have a rota system, and my name happened to come up this time to put together flowers for the Remembrance Service.

“I’m representing Cheshire, and it’s great to do something that I enjoy doing.

“It was an honour to be asked to be able to go down and do it.”

Mrs France created large pedestal arrangements using silk poppies, roses and carnations, which were displayed in the nave and in the entrance of Westminster Abbey.

It was after joining the Women’s Institute (WI) 30 years ago that Mrs France first became interested in floral arrangements although she has always had a love of flowers.

Mrs France said: “I joined the WI, and one of the ladies said ‘would you like to come and have a quiet evening watching somebody do flower arranging?’

“I said ‘yes’ and that was 30 years ago.”

The flower club meets at Winwick Leisure Centre on the third Thursday of every month except in December.