ON Friday, September 29, I was waiting for a bus on Orford Lane by the self-service launderette when a pick-up truck pulled up and a Warrington Borough Council employee got out.

He had come to change the bin sack in the litterbin at the side of the bus shelter.

On top of the plastic casing, covering the bin, there were about 20 to 30 cigarette butts left by the public.

This council operative lifted the plastic casing to replace the bin bag, and tipped all the cigarette butts all over the pavement, replaced the casing and drove off.

Had I dropped a piece of litter in the street, and been caught by a litter warden (are there any?) I would no doubt have been fined on the spot or possibly worse.

As a council tax payer I am contributing to this filthy person’s wages.

Why should I?

He doesn’t deserve to be in work if he can’t do the job properly.

Many unemployed would be glad of a chance.

Warrington is a great place to live, shame this filthy person doesn’t give a damn about our town.

I am disgusted.