WARRINGTON Borough Council is at it again neglecting the jewel that is Walton Hall Golf Course.

I have been a member for more than 30 years and seen some weird and wonderful council decisions made without the real persons involved being advised.

The summer period is still in force, this means paying the full cost of £19.50 until November.

The course is not fit for purpose at the moment. The greens staff do a wonderful job to bring back the course to its full glory throughout July and August to see it ruined by what seems a money-grabbing council.

Members are leaving this once ‘best municipal course in England’ to play more mediocre courses in the area that are not ruined by money grabbing individuals/ councils.

The costs per round increased this year, no mention to the members, seniors and juniors being hit hardest.

But expected.

What is to happen to this course?

The council needs to upgrade the facilities. Toilet and shower facilities are disgraceful and are not updated like other council facilities in the town.

No café area for golfers before and after their slog on a sodden course.

Balls being lost in fairways are not bringing golfers back, just adding to the misery.

Courses in the area are closed for a reason. Walton seems to use this to lure unsuspecting golfers to travel to Walton and yes it is open but it is not fit for purpose.

Warrington Borough Council do something. It is in your hands.

The greens staff have pride in what they do.

If somebody came into your office and ruined what you had done, there would be hell to pay.