A FIVE-year-old boy has been getting his skates on in order to raise money for a family in need.

Finley Hill, from Woolston, has taken on the big skating challenge after his best friend Noah Chandler's auntie was diagnosed with leukaemia for the second time.

The five-year-old set himself a goal of riding his scooter as much as possible within the space of one week to raise funds for the family of his St Peter's Catholic Primary School classmate.

Mum Natalie Finnegan said: "He decided that he wanted to do a charity challenge for a family in need, but he didn't know which family.

"His best friend's auntie was diagnosed with leukaemia for the second time, so he decided to do the challenge to raise money for them.

"He's been out and has done quite a few hours of skating - he's been to four different skate parks over the last week and has managed to raise hundreds of pounds.

"Hopefully the money will make quite a big difference, because it's for her partner to be able to take some time off work when she's having her treatment."

Year one pupil Finley raised a total of £378 for the family following Noah's auntie's cancer diagnosis.

The amount fundraised smashed Finley's initial target of £100.

He battled the elements during his week-long challenge, and was forced to switch to his bike for some of the skate due to poor weather conditions.

Natalie, of Somerset Way, believes Finley's grandad has instilled a charitable streak in the youngster.

She added: "He's done really well because his target was only to raise £100.

"His grandad has done a lot for Cancer Research UK in the past - including a massive bike ride through Spain - so he's probably had a big part to play in this.

"Finley was doing the challenge in all types of weather for a week using his scooter, and he did some of it on his bike as well because the weather was so bad.

"We went to a school assembly where the head teacher told all the other children parents about what he's been doing, and I was crying because I was so proud of him."