A 30-YEAR-old man who offered to pay schoolgirls for intimate pictures of themselves has been spared a jail sentence.

Guy Greatorex of Woodford Road in Stockport pleaded guilty to four counts of causing or inciting children to prostitution at Chester Crown Court on Friday, October 6.

He admitted that on one occasion he left £150 in a plant pot outside a Warrington church in return for a photo of a 15-year-old victim in her school uniform.

Prosecuting, Matthew Dunford, explained how Greatorex had used social media app Snapchat to befriend the youngster, used a fake name and claimed to be 18 years old. He also said he was a former student of a Warrington high school.

Mr Dunford said: “Greatorex sent a message to the girl saying ‘£300 for a picture of your bum’. The victim refused. He sent another message the next day saying ‘£150 for you in your uniform’.

“She had a friend take the picture of herself in uniform without her face.”

The court heard how days later Greatorex befriended another 15-year old girl and offered her £300 for a picture of herself in underwear. She refused.

One of his victim’s said the incident had left her feeling ‘isolated and frightened’.

The court heard Greatorex had racked up seven similar offences in 2013 and he admitted he has a ‘sexual problem’.

Defending, Lloyd Morgan said: “He is utterly ashamed and embarrassed by the effect of his behaviour on the young girls. There’s been quite a remarkable turn around for him. He went and sought help from a therapist.”

Greatorex’s parents sat in the public gallery to watch their son sentenced and Judge Patrick Thompson said: “I have enormous sympathy for his father and mother. It must be a nightmare for them to find themselves here but it’s also a nightmare for any parent who has a 15-year-old daughter who is contacted by a 30-year-old man asking for pictures.

“Your parents are here supporting you despite the shame you have brought on your family.”

Judge Thompson, handing Greatorex a two year suspended sentence, said an immediate prison sentence would prevent him enrolling on a sex offenders course.

He said: “Leave children alone.

“I’m giving you a final chance. You have a very severe problem. This will have been excruciating for your parents to listen to.”

Greatorex, who had brought a packed bag into the dock with him, thanked the judge.