RESIDENTS at a Latchford care home have been working out using virtual reality technology.

Belong Warrington Care Village on Loushers Lane has introduced two machines that simulate cycling and walking in locations around the world that are connected to exercise equipment.

The scenes shown on the virtual reality technology move at the pace which the user is cycling or walking.

Barbara Tait, lead fitness instructor at Belong Warrington Care Village, said: “Our residents have enjoyed the success of increasing their cognitive and physical capabilities through exercise that is fun and specific to their needs.

“We have seen an increase in wellbeing, confidence and physical strength amongst customers who have used this gym equipment.”

Locations around the world are programmed into the technology, with residents able to cycle around the streets of Paris or trek through Patagonia.

In another game, the player controls a cartoon character that has to negotiate various obstacles.

Sian Ryland, specialist fitness instructor at Belong Warrington Care Village, said: “One of our residents used to holiday in Paris.

“The Paris simulator on the SilverFit Mile allowed her to relive memories of times there and has given her much more motivation to participate in cardiovascular exercise.”