A STUDENT from Latchford is set to compete against 49 others for the Miss England 2017 title after being crowned Miss Royal Beauty.

Lauren Lyon, 17, was named as Miss Royal Beauty ahead of 29 other hopefuls on May 12 at the Theatre Royal in St Helens, which secured her place in the national finals.

The finals, which will take place in Birmingham on July 14, reward the winner with a £25,000 cash sum.

Lauren, who studies design engineering, has spoken of her shock at taking the Miss Royal Beauty crown.

She said: “I was overwhelmed and surprised – I didn’t expect to win and to do so was a complete surprise.”

And the student is now looking forward to the finals in July, despite the prospect of facing more contestants than before.

She added: “I’m really nervous for the finals because there’s going to be a lot more people competing this time round, but I’m hopeful.”

Lauren also gave advice to anyone considering applying for future beauty pageants.

She said: “Believe in yourself and just go for it. Don’t think about what other people do and say, just think about yourself and go for it.”