THE sun made an appearance when Bawming the Thorn returned to the town today, Saturday.

The traditional event started with the judging of the cake competition followed by a performance by the Thelwall Morris Men.

Judges then decided the winners of the flower-arranging contest before the parade set off from the centre of Appleton Thorn village.

This year Ollie Chase stepped up to the role of the knight while Sam Skivington played the part of the page.

The procession was led by Cadishead Band and involved members from across the village including the brownie and scout unit as well as knights and ladies from the Lord of Macclesfield's retinue.

Before the bawming dance by year six pupils at Appleton Thorn Primary School, there was a performance by Appleton Thorn Village Choir.

The special guest at this year's event was historian and author Mark Olly.

Mark Searle, who has been the chairman of the Bawming Commitee for the past six years, said it is important to keep the tradition alive.

He said: "It’s the only village in the country which celebrates Bawming the Thorn which means dressing the tree.

"It's about keeping the tradition alive and bringing the community together.

"But that's not just on the day but throughout the year as a lot of planning goes into this.

"So many of these traditional events are dying off, I think it is important to keep these things going.

"We are a non-profit making event.

"We have a pot of money left and local clubs and groups can put a bid in and we distribute the money.

"The money goes back into the community which is another reason to keep it going."

The tradition centres around the legend of Glastonbury and the Holy Thorn.

The thorn tree, which stands beside the church, is believed to be an offshoot of the Glastonbury thorn.

Legend says Adam de Dutton, a knight of the Crusades and a landowner in the area, brought it to Appleton.

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